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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

Extending hope and comfort to the communities we serve.

hand heart shapedAs a non-profit organization, Comfort Foundation relies on the help of benefactors and donors to successfully conduct and sustain programs that are geared towards helping people who are suffering from mental health disorders and clinical depression, children who need support to continue their education, and less fortunate families who need financial aid.

Our projects focus on:

  • Building Capacity for Health and Social WellbeingComfort foundation is committed to suicide prevention, mental health promotion and care of the poor/vulnerable through public education, support, charity, and advocacy.
  • Building Capacity for Education and LearningInvestment in education and learning will contribute to sustainable development and empowerment. Comfort Foundation is committed to providing essential resources, support, and charity that foster a conducive learning environment which promotes extrinsic and intrinsic motivation for living a purposeful life. Provide creative programs such as education scholarship, supports, and grants
  • Building Capacity for Local and International Collaboration and PartnershipUnited Nation (UN) advocates for Collaboration and partnership in producing sustainable development. Comfort foundation is committed to the UN Goal 17 in building strong local and international collaboration and partnerships. Community involvement at all level will be utilized to advance our goal which is aligned with the United Nation goal 17th.

All of these have been made possible through the combined efforts of our core group, our volunteer, and our donors. We invite you to take part of our concerted effort today. To let us know your interest, kindly call our office today to know how you can help.

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