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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

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Comfort Foundation has been founded to provide sustainable assistance to less fortunate individuals that they may find support and comfort through our various programs. Our mission is to put an end to suicide caused by mental health disorder, economic and social hardship and even ignorance. Thus, our efforts are geared towards conducting programs that will create social awareness about mental health disorder, and how both can affect a person’s perspective in life, and in worse cases, may lead to suicide.

We also conduct activities to support the education of children from less fortunate families, and other programs to nourish and provide the needs of the poor and the less fortunate. This is so they will feel comforted despite their situation, and will continue to have hope that things will get better for them someday, through the help of generous individuals and charitable organizations like Comfort Foundation.

We are knocking on your kind hearts, to help us realize all of these goals. We have begun with small and simple steps and have started to positively affect the lives of a few men, women, and children. But with your financial aid and donations, we know we can do bigger things. Together we can impact lives and influence change

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