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Students and teacher in the classroomMany public schools children in Nigeria and across the globe do not have the essential resources to meet their learning needs. They lack library books, school uniforms, notebooks, pencils, paper, test books, back bags, and lots more. Comfort Foundation is committed to empowering Nigerians children by galvanizing public effort and forming a partnership in providing these supplies as part of EC initiatives. (Detail on OEN, click here). To help build tomorrow’s future and contribute to positive social change and strong globalization. We are calling on generous donors and loves of empowerment through education to donate towards this worthy cause.

Needed Supplies (New and fairly used):

  • Library Reading books (All ages)
  • Colored pencils, crayons, and markers
  • Glue sticks
  • Graph paper
  • School uniforms (All ages)
  • Notebooks and Exercise books
  • Ruler with English and metric measurements
  • Pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners Pens
  • Drawing books
  • Teaching supplies/aids
  • Office Supplies for the teachers
  • Classroom desk for the pupils
  • Desk for the teachers

Online purchases are allowed. Please, feel free to ship to 8009 Stonehaven Lane, Rowlett Texas 75089.

We would be grateful if you could email us with the supplies list you are sending including the money value of the supplies for record purposes. Also, Comfort Foundation is a 501c3; let us know if you need tax papers.

Feel free to also DONATE towards shipping cost with any amount.